Zurich Insurance Login Page

The Zurich Insurance login page is for North America users requesting access to their MyZurich account at Secure.ZurichNA.com to pay premiums and more.

EZPay is for both commercial and business customers with an active policy and for agents or brokers to verify premiums have been paid.

Begin by visiting https://secure.zurichna.com/zuslogin.nsf/login in your web browser and entering your username and password to the Zurich Insurance login online.

You will need to be registered first with MyZurich to access the variety of services available on the official website. The same username and password in your login will work with the Risk products available from Zurich.

RiskIntelligence, RiskIntelligence Express, RiskACCESS, and RiskImage are the 4 products that will use the same Zurich Insurance login on the page.

The phone number for the insurance group is 1-800-382-2150 where you can speak with customer service about problems with your login not working, report a claim, or check on a claim status.

Online resources for controlling loss costs and improving risk management at the corporate level are built-in to your insurance account. Claims management, construction, fleet, OSHA compliance, property, and worker compensation modules can be activated.

Risk Management requires your login to access the MyZurich portal for instant approval to make premium payments and view global data. Consulting for performance of financial results will be included.

OSHA compliance has the FirstReport Online to keeping record of occupation safety and reports of injury at the workplace locations operating by your organization to stay compliant.

Worker Compensation and Safety modules will have the following products available inside your account: eZTranstion, Virtual Risk Manager for Fire and Forklift, Zurich CARE Directory, and Resource Planning.

More information about how these products work with your Zurich Insurance login is available at the following resources below along with other tools.


Zurich Insurance Login

Zurich Insurance Login Page