What Is My IP Address

Every day people type in the search results a burning technical question. What Is My IP address and how do I find it? Good news. Our free lookup tool will display it for you instantly.

Your IP address is how you connect to a network, local or the Internet. Internal or External is another way of saying it. Knowing your what your IP address can be the different in connecting or not online. Seeing how this question is asked so much we put this tutorial together along with a free tool that will display your external IP address.

Your IP Address Is:



There you go. You now know what your IP is. That wasn’t so hard was it? Keep in mind that your address shown is your external one. Finding your internal IP address is another task that we will for the sake of time give you a run down on this article also so you don’t have to go search for instructions to find your internal one.

If you Google’d the search term “What is my IP” and found this article you have to understand you have two IP addresses. Not many tutorials cover this fact. They all cover the external version only. If you really want to get technical you could have a IPv4 and a IPv6 address. We will stay on task covering only the simple internal and external versions for this content today.

To find your internal IP address on a Microsoft Windows PC:

Go to the Start menu, click Control Panel, then the Network and Internet tab.
In the Network and Sharing Center, click view status in the Connection tab.
Look for Details to see your internal IP on a Windows PC. Pick either IPv4 or IPv6 in the list.

To find your internal IP address on Apple Mac OSX:

In the spotlight search box, type Network Utility. Open the application.
Go to the Info tab and choose the interface you want the IP for.
Your IP will be listed under the hardware address.

Finding your mobile IP on iOS:

Visit the settings tab and then WiFi.
Choose your wireless connection and select the “i” icon for more information.
At open, you will see your internal iOS IP listed under DHCP (or BootP/Static).

Find your mobile address on Android:

Select the WiFi settings tab.
Choose Menu, then advanced.
It will display your internal Android IP.

On any of these devices or software you can find your external IP address by bookmarking this article and visit anytime to have it displayed. You will know you won’t have to ask What Is My IP address anymore because you will already know it.

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