Weight Watchers Login Page

The Weight Watchers login page on WeightWatchers.com is used to manage your profile with MyProfile and provides access to the online points tracker to stay on track.

Members signing in to PointsPlus weight loss goals can note that the process has changed for updating your information and finding healthy recipes.

Begin at https://login.weightwatchers.com/classic/UI/Login by entering your Weight Watchers login information, your username and password, to be authenticated online.

Your username has a minimum of 2 characters and passwords are case sensitive. Only choose the option to say logged in if you are using a home or private computer connection. Do not use the feature on public access for security reasons.

Should you forget your password to Weight Watchers try the resources below for help resetting it with a password reminder. The alternative is to call customer service at 1-800-651-6000 to manage your membership account.

User names are forgotten when you do not log in daily to the points trackers and continue to track how much you are eating. This step is an important part of the weight loss program.

There are three ways to follow the plan. Only one of these three ways require your Weight Watchers login to be used. This one way is called OnlinePlus, it is the self directed way to follow the guidelines on your own.

The other two ways with no login required is local meetings and coaching. At times you might be required to use your sign in to OnlinePlus to update your points and track your progress.

Plus members operated 100% online with 24 hour a day support. Apps for iPhone and Android devices can be downloaded to your phone for mobile on the go help to reach weight loss goals.

Community support, advisory chat, and customized food budgeting will be covered in the Master Plan video series to help you understand how the system works.

Inside the service you will find custom meal plans and recipes to create meal ideas and stay on track. If you choose to sync your fitness trackers to your PointsPlus account, you may not need to enter your Weight Watchers login every time.


Weight Watchers Login

Weight Watchers Login Page