Websrvcs Login Page

The Websrvcs login page is for business users subscribed to Webmail.Websrvcs.com and have an account already setup for checking messages online in the Email Control Panel.

Please note that there are 3 different ways to sign in on the E-Zekiel Web Services Email enterprise connection, Webmail, MyMail, and Secure Validate.

We suggest that you find out first if you are a customer of the web design firm before attempting to complete the process of logging in to a mail account.

Go to https://webmail.websrvcs.com/index.php and enter your Websrvcs login information if you are a Webmail subscriber.

Go to https://mymail.websrvcs.com/Login.aspx and complete the Administrative ID and password if you are a MyMail member or setup in the Email Admin Panel.

Go to https://secure.websrvcs.com/validate.asp if you want to operate over a secure connection and validate your login with a site identifier.

All 3 of the logins to Websrvcs require a username and password to complete the website authentication process.

Resources to reset your lost or forgotten password when signing in are found at the bottom of this page. You can also call 1-888-942-6607 for customer service if you can not use your Websrvcs login or it has been deactivated.

These email services are offered the the E-Zekiel website and CMS communication tools for churches and organizations. Besides webmail, web design, Kiosk services, online donation setup, and church attendance management are offered.

Your mailbox and messages can be checked from anywhere, smartphone or tablet or during office time. Full support for popular devices like Android based mobile phones and Apple iOS exist.

Contact your representative about setting up employees or adding new congregation members in the system to be issued another sign on.

Some accounts are limited to the number of members you are subscribed to in your package. Decide what staff should be setup with a Websrvcs login before issued usernames.


Websrvcs Login (Webmail)

Websrvcs Login



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Websrvcs Login Page