Walmart Money Card Login Page

The Walmart Money Card login page on is for account access or creating an online user ID to check a balance, reload, see transactions and more.

Services available to the cardholder are prepaid debit Visa and MasterCard branded MoneyCards, manageable in a local store or over a mobile phone.

Note your Walmart Money Card login credentials and go to and identify the two fields where your sign in will be placed. Online User ID and password are the two fields to complete.

To protect your debit card privacy, do not choose the option to remember your User ID from a public access computer. Public access includes locations like a library or coffee shop. Only use the option when at home or using your personal devices.

Problems with your sign on often come from the wrong or lost password. To get help with your log in when your ID or password is not working, try using the resources below.

Phone support from Walmart customer service for the money card is also available at the following phone number – 1-877-937-4098 in the Pasadena, California office.

You can get help with your sign in, dispute a transaction, and report a lost, damaged, or stolen card to get a replacement mailed to you.

Managing your money card online is best placed to gain access to all of the features that your Walmart Money Card login will give by creating an account on the website.

Online account creation for your login enables you to send money to friends or family members. Bill Pay, Personal Vault and other personalized options are only available by logging in.

After you log in successfully the most common task to complete is reloading money on to the balance of your card. Participating Walmart stores can assist with this process.

Additionally, money can be added to a card by a cashing a check at a local store, Direct Deposit enrollment, or with a bank transfer from your checking or savings account.

Participation of the Walmart Money Card login is not available in all states or stores and you are encouraged to check with your local location for more information.

Walmart Money Card Login