Walmart Credit Card Login Page

The official Walmart credit card login page is located at the payments center and not the website like most cardholders may believe for bill payments.

Going to the Walmart website will do you no good because they use a third-party processing for credit card bill pay services. The page is located at and the shortened version is but if you use the later url you will have to choose the option to sign in again and refresh the Walmart credit card login page back to the beginning where you have the option to enter your username and password.

This bill pay service is provided by Synchrony Bank to ensure a secure and safe page for processing your card payments.

Not only can you logon to the MoneyCenter and submit payments, but other benefits are available when managing your online account like special financing options, gas savings when you are on the road, free FICO scores, online bill payments, electronic statements, and account alerts that is all secure, free, and convenient to use online by the website anytime.

The Walmart card for credit uses a MasterCard as the main power when you apply. Applications are approved based on your credit history. When you are issued a new account and approved, you will received instructions on how to enroll and use the Walmart credit card login to access your account online.

If you have never registered as a user on the website, you will first need to complete the registration form from GE Capital Bank. GE Capital Bank provides secure encryption on the sign in page for Walmart services. Encryption of the login covers any information entered like your account number, username, password, and any details submitted on your application.

Setting up a secret shared question on your password reset page is a must to prevent from being locked out and finding that your Walmart credit card login is not working anymore. Contact Customer Service at this url: if you have forgot your password to sign in. You will be asked for your full name as it appears on your credit card, the last four digits of your account number, and your billing zip code. Please have that information available to prevent delay in gaining access back to your ability for bill pay or checking your card balance.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Walmart Credit Card Login Page