Vanguard 401k Login Page

Access your account with the Vanguard 401k login page at to manage online mutual funds, IRAs, rollovers, stocks, transfers and more.

As the largest fund company in the world, more than 170 index, exchange traded, and active options are available for retirement.

To access your account, go to the home page at and enter your Vanguard 401k login information. You will notice that a two step process is required to sign in for your security.

The first part is your user name and the second is your password. You must enter a valid username first before being taken to the password field. Any mutual fund client with a investor portfolio at that has forget their username can use the tool located under the new user tab to reset or retrieve it. Phone support can be reached by calling 1-877-662-7447 and speaking with customer service.

The information contained within this tutorial are for logging in as a personal investor. Personal investing is preferable for mutual funds investors due to the company not having any stockholders. The results are lower costs and a higher yield of returns on the funds.

Support for a self-directed 401k or rollover are both inside your account. Clients prefer to rollover their existing 401 to a IRA. An IRA is short for a Individual Retirement Account and has tax deferred savings. You can monitor these plans and your savings progress with the Vanguard 401k login page online.

Before setting up your login and activating your account, compare the following factors to decide if the risk is something you can tolerate. Investment options, protection from creditors, tax consequences, withdrawal requirements, fees, expenses, and potential penalties. More information about these are in our resources.

After exploring these decisions you can open your account or activate your company account or find further support with the plan administration, services, documents, small business plans, or withdrawal terms without needing your Vanguard 401k login to access.

Vanguard 401k Login

Vanguard 401k Login Page