US Bank Login Page

Customers of online banking can use the US Bank login page at to access their account over the Internet and check balances or pay their bills.

With a wide variety of loans and accounts to choose from, the service works on a standard desktop or on a mobile device like a tablet or phone.

Launch PersonalID at in your preferred web browser from your computer and enter your US Bank login credentials.

Before a password field is presented on the page you must enter your Personal ID and select continue to access your accounts in online banking. Enrollment is required before this feature will work.

Reset a lost password or a password that you have forgot by calling 1-800-872-2657 and speaking with customer service on the phone. As a alternative, there is a tool listed below in our resources to reset.

To verify you are on the official US Bank login page look for the lock seal that states your connection is secured and the URL bar in your web browser will be green. This works on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Assistance from US Bank explains help topics on the following cases: What to do if you forget your Personal ID, ID Shield answers, handling multiple accounts, using a credit card in place of a checking card, locked out accounts due to too many bad password attempts, and temporary access code time limits.

Topics that cover US Bank online banking will involve having your PIN ready. When you choose to have the log on page remember your settings, your login will still be cleared after 24 hours for security reasons.

You may be asked for the Signature Panel Code when logging in from a physical banking location near you to verify your identity. Online provide access to a representative of US Bank when asked.

Online banking will require the use of your US Bank login to be authenticated with no exceptions. You can learn more about Internet security and how it is used below.

US Bank Login

US Bank Login Page