Typing Login Page

Any student with access to the Typing login page setup on Typing.com can use courses in the practice account and learn how to type online on their own time.

Designed for any grade levels between K-12 in school, learning about type speed with the self-guided tutor works for all ages.

Enter your Typing login for a student at https://www.typing.com/student/login by using your email address or username if you have one setup. Next, enter your password and log on.

Single sign on with Edmodo, Clever, and Google are available for third part login options on the website if you already have an account with one of those services.

Problems with your password? Use the reset tool and follow the prompts to have a new password or username reminder sent to your email address that you registered with. You can also submit a support request if you continue to experience a problem.

If you are not a student and are a tutor or teacher instead, the Typing login page for you has been placed below at the end of this page in the resources section.

The standard Typing edition has lessons and games for students in K-12, a Common Core curriculum that is aligned, single sign on, classroom syncing for class rosters, and free classroom management for teachers with grading.

The school edition goes above K-12 to the college level. Teachers can track student progress and grade from inside their account. The teacher portal is free and has SSO to third party applications.

Aligning with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, all lessons and tests within the system for writing will adequately prepare a student for the real world.

One of the popular features accessing in the account is the Real-time Student Monitor to see how they are doing and the improvements in their type speed. To view this information you must be logged on with your Typing login.


Typing Login

Typing Login Page