TP Link Router Login Page

The official TP Link Router login page and instructions are at with information on the URL link, default IP address, quick setup details and more.

A web based utility management tool is available to help you configure and the change the settings of your wireless router online.

Launch the Google Chrome web browser and type or in the url bar to proceed the admin page. Either the url or IP address must be entered while your router is powered on and connected to your local network.

Failure to be connected will result in your TP Link router login not working for access from your computer. This method is what is called the internal service website and holds your username and password details.

If you have problems connected with this method try using the resources at the bottom of this page or calling the TP Link help line at 1-866-225-8139 for assistance within North America.

The official website will not need internet service to work. Only your local connection will be enough for setup and changing any default password or other settings.

Try setting up with the yellow Ethernet cables before attempting to login over wireless during the first try.

Your TP Link Router login will be needed to update any available firmware that has been released and ready for download 2 to 3 times per year.

Your Local Area Network will change by the model number. To find your model number look on the bottom of your router and write down the number listed on the label.

Once you have your model number enter the default username and password when promoted on the default router login page from the IP address you entered.

If you receive a 401 server error when entering this information in you will needed to reset with the factory default settings restore process. See below or start a new forum topic for support on your router model.

Some of the most common settings to change are the IP address, password, username, WiFi mode, and security. As you continue through this process after using your TP Link Router login to access the configuration you may be prompted to sign in again after any changes you have made.

TP Link Router Login

TP Link Router Login Page