TeamSnap Login Page

Official TeamSnap login page url at for managing your account and sports team online, on or off the field and for any sport group you have.

There are two ways to sign in on the sports manager for teams using a local registration or a Facebook account you already have.

The way to use your TeamSnap login is to go to and enter your username and password in the fields, with the option of remaining logged in for a long time period.

Complete both the password and username fields first. In case you have forgot your login information, go to the help section and choose the reset option or choose to find assistance with locating your team on the software. You may also call 1-480-624-2599 with limited support.

Being a simple app that serves as a management interface for sports teams, your account holds a roster with contact information for every player or member of the group.

Viewing your schedule in setup integrates with iCal, Outlook Web, and more popular calendar applications from your desktop or smartphone. You are authorized to message a group by email for the entire active team or only a subset of the team.

Tracking payments of amounts due requires you to use your TeamSnap login and authenticate to your online account to view. Payments, fees, and monthly dues are kept on the tab where you can send alert reminders in real-time.

Sport team managers and coaches are the core administrative users of and input the information for players during the organization process and setup.

Both free and paid plans have a login assigned to manage a league or setup a schedule. These same sign ins are used on the iPhone, Android, and iPad apps available on the appropriate app stores. Resources for these apps are found below.

View and edit player availability or games at any time with your TeamSnap login page on the website.

TeamSnap Login

TeamSnap Login Page