TD Ameritrade Login Page

The TD Ameritrade login page provides access to your account at for online stock trading, investing, and broker services for investing.

The trading platform for clients is updated daily and works on web, desktop, and mobile connections to deliver performance for all investor levels.

Go to and enter your User ID and password in the fields provided from your TD Ameritrade login registration. Successful authentication will take you to your account.

If you need login help or have forgotten your password call a client representative at 1-800-669-3900 or use the information found at the bottom of this page in resources to reset your password online.

On high volume trading days the TD Ameritrade login page could be slow to load. These times are most noticeable at the opening of the stock market, mid-day, and within one hour of the closing bell.

There are four types of accounts that will all use the same login. The portion of your account that changes happens after you log on to the stock trading service. You will find the types to be standard, education, retirement, and specialty, all of which will be explained further.

Standard accounts are for the general investor and has access to investment products, research, and the trading platform. This type is suited for individual investors or day traders.

Education accounts are for planning with TD Ameritrade online to save for education through 529 plans in your local state or Coverdell and UGMA sponsored plans.

Retirement accounts are for funding traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, or a Rollover IRA. If you plan to adjust your stock balances daily or weekly, you would be advised to login in to your standard account and not a retirement type.

Specialty account types are for pension plans or trusts. Business partnerships are also permitted. The specialty rider has more features and can be used with issued to have more than one TD Ameritrade login based on the amount of contract holders.

Please see below for more information on these types to pick the one that applies to you.

TD Ameritrade Login

TD Ameritrade Login Page