TaxSlayer Login Page

The TaxSlayer login page on is used to file Federal and State income taxes online for free after registering for an account.

Services grew out of a family-owned company with over 50 years in the tax preparation business and offers a professional tax package for tax preparation specialists and consumers.

Start by entering your TaxSlayer login at if you are a returning user. New users will need to register for a free account first.

When you are only using the service once a year to file taxes online, you may find that you have forgotten your password or username if you have previously registered. When this happens to you, a selection of resources are on the bottom of the page to help you recover your lost credentials.

Support for log on assistance can be found via chat, email, phone or in our online knowledge base. Technical support customer service’s phone number is 1-706-868-2333 and can even be contacted on the weekend.

The company provides complimentary phone and email support to all customers between January 2nd and the April final tax filing date.

The company has found a balance between guided wizards and user freedom in the software that helps Americans to electronically file their federal and state income taxes securely. With competitive pricing and covered fundamentals, it is easy to use after logging in.

As an online tax prep program with a powerful refund calculator, the free plan includes all major approved forms from their respective tax agencies.

TaxSlayer creates software products to assist you with both types of tax filing. The Individual program is a fully featured tax preparation service that can be accessed with a TaxSlayer login that you setup.

Payroll servicing makes it easy for small business owners to automate payroll management and file payroll taxes by employers who have started using the service online.

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