Target Red Card Login Page

The Target Red Card login page on is used to manage a credit card account online with the standard or prepaid card type by members.

When activating your cards, note that 16 digit cards are the only type that have to be activated. Cards with 8 digits do not need to be activated before using them to make a purchase.

To start using RCAM, the Red Card Account manager, go to and enter your Target Red Card login username and password and sign in. If it is your first time signing in you will be required to enroll on the website.

When setting your username during enrollment, it can not include special characters or spaces in it. Usernames can also no be the same as the password you set. Because of this, please set them to be between 6 to 20 characters in length.

If you have problems with setting your login up or have forgotten your username or password to an activated account, view the resources at the bottom for assistance or call Target credit card support at the 1-800-424-6888 phone number.

You local store can provide assistance with your card in certain circumstances. If you seek help from a store location please bring in your last billing statement to help an associate look up your information. Store associates are unable to lookup your account number without a statement.

There are two different kinds of Red Cards. The standard card is a MasterCard credit card and the second kind is a debit card that can be a prepaid setup. The prepaid card is good for new customers building a credit history or students.

Periodic reviews of credit limits on card holders are performed quarterly. You can also inquire with customer services about raising your credit limit by using your Target Red Card login to access the customer center and send a secure message.

Secure messages are send under the Help menu. You will find a contact form where you can submit an inquiry about your credit limit or other question not answered here.

There are no annual fees and TD Bank is the issuer of the credit card and MasterCard products from Target.

Any pending transactions on your card are generally shown within one hour of the time of the transaction. You can view transactions by using your Target Red Card login to access your account information online.

Target Red Card Login

Target Red Card Login Page