SurePayroll Login Page

The SurePayroll login page url is and you can calculate employee wages, pay online and stay compliant with payroll taxes and regulations.

Accountants, employees, and small business can all access the same portal for information regarding the Paychex company service.

Go to and enter your SurePayroll login as a payroll administration member or a employee by entering the appropriate username and password assigned to you.

Call customer support at option 3 from the phone number of 1-877-956-7873 during the hours of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST. These hours are effect Monday to Friday with English and Spanish language login support.

Administration involves the account center, reporting, and running payroll online for employees. Employee access involves W2 tax form downloads and payment stubs for issued checks.

Small businesses use the tax filing option to calculate and pay local, state, and federal taxes during the process. Accountants use for clients to scale operations in a single account.

You will be able to manage all points of entry payroll from a single client management dashboard online with desktop or mobile hardware with the same SurePayroll login.

Reporting in your account is updated 24 hours a day and members can print checks direct from the system or issue a direct deposit from the office on a scheduled day of the week or month.

The new software version does not require anything to download or install on your computer. Service runs through your web browser from any location at a company, home, or while on a mobile device.

One-click payroll is run when there are not payment period changes to your direct deposits from an accountant to an employee. When no changes are made for the period this feature will send deposits faster.

To avoid penalties and ensure compliance on your account, do not share your SurePayroll login with unauthorized users or store your username and password in an unsafe location.

SurePayroll Login

SurePayroll Login Page