SunPass Login Page

The SunPass login page on is used to manage an account online by the Florida Department of Transportation for toll collection services.

Florida’s Turnpike toll pass helps guide you to your destination by prepaying fees. Travel itinerary areas include Orlando, South Beach, and Key West.

Start at and enter your SunPass login account, transponder number, or username and a PIN. Both fields are required to sign in and were assigned by the FDOT during registration.

If have found your login is not working or you are signing in from the Android or iOS mobile app with your SunPass account, view the resources on the bottom of the page for more information or call customer support at the 1-888-865-5352 phone number.

Florida residents or visitors planning a trip to Florida will need a SunPass login to pay frequent toll fees while using the interstates in certain areas.

To view the tolls you will pay in your account, choose the toll rates calculator or scroll down to see a complete listing of rebates and discounts that are available. A transponder will be needed to communicate with the FDOT radars.

Purchasing a Mini transponder or Portable transponder before setting up your account is recommended. Transponders are available at over 3,100 retail locations in the state or order online from the website.

Your transponder must be properly mounted on the inside of the vehicle’s windshield and synced with your SunPass login. Charges will be deducted from a prepaid toll account.

The Florida Department of Transportation electronic toll enforcement process was implemented to help with the collection of toll revenue from residents and visitors. It is a convenient process for customers.

Customers of Florida SunPass have something to worry about when they link their Prepaid Account to a credit card for payment. Tolls will be automatically deducted when used.

SunPass Login

SunPass Login Page