Study Island Login Page

The Study Island login page is found at for students or teachers to participate in standards based online learning games or on the go mobile access.

The system from Edmentum is a career readiness service to drive the K-12 concepts with support guides and student progress tracking.

Begin at and enter your Study Island login information for a new session on games with learning levels. These can be done at school or at home and students should speak with their teacher about access.

Support tools to reset a lost password are available online without assistance. View the official website for help or call support at 1-800-419-3191 during business hours for other inquires.

The mobile optimized portal is available 24 hours a day to deliver learning solutions setup be educators and complimentary to classroom subjects that are being studied. The interface is best viewed on a desktop computer or tablet for ease of game play.

DOK guidelines are used to structure the content in Study Island with questions that help students pass tests like the SBAC and PARCC. A rigorous technology platform has proven that assessment takers are better prepared when sitting for these.

A Study Island login is assigned to member of grade levels in Pre-K, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College Preparation classes. Limited use is also found in Post Secondary and continuing education for adult learners.

Pre-K study programs and games are separated into Reading Eggs and Education City. Reading Eggs is a supplemental program to improve literacy and Education city is a state dependent Common Core standard web based service.

Elementary, Middle, and High School programs will depend on the state in which you reside in. Select your state when you launch the page and a list of available services will be shown.

Post Secondary and continuing education training will often use a limited Study Island login for Northstar Workforce Readiness and custom programs designed for partners.

Study Island Login

Study Island Login Page