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Use the Steam login page on to access your online account history and start playing games, change a password, or get code help.

In the past it was difficult for PC manufacturers and video game developers to come together to develop scale commercial devices for video gaming. The result was years of disparity between various systems, making truly smash hit video games difficult if not impossible.

This was console video gaming’s greatest strength and advantage over PC video games in the past – the ability to work on the system for which the game is intended without fail. If you purchased an NES system and game in the same territory, you knew they would work together, every time, Steam login or not.

Enter Valve and their revolutionary approach to PC video games – Steam. Steam helped bring convergence in video gaming on the PC and has expanded the reach of this once inaccessible format.

Disparity still exists, but Steam’s ease of use and universal interface have helped ease the road for many people trying to get their feet wet with PC games. There are a wide number of advantages to using Steam, from its vast indie community to the ability to transport your video game library across devices that you sign in to Steam on.

Creating a Steam account and the Steam login process couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to complete your Steam account creation and setup your Steam sign in ID.

The Steam Login Process Step by Step

The Steam sign in procedure is simple and allows users to tie games, achievements, rewards, awards, wishlists, and payment information to the player’s account.

In order to take full advantage of all of the functionality it offers, players are required to download and log in to the Steam client program.

You can download Steam here at this link. Steam is free to use and the account is free as well. This account will give the user access to a vast library of games, some of which are free but the majority of which are paid, on both PC and Mac.

The client can be downloaded to another computer and the user’s library of games can be transferred easily to that new device. It really is one of the best solutions to many of the hurdles players encountered with PC gaming in the past.

To create a Steam account, players will need an email address, a unique username, and a password. Once those are completed, the user will be asked to accept the terms of the Steam end user agreement.

You can fill out the account creation form. Downloading the Steam client and creating a Steam login allows players to setup an account to:

• Buy full games and download them to their device of choice
• Join various Steam gaming communities and message boards
• Chat with friends on the Steam client while playing games – think X-Box Live, but for PCs
• Play your purchased/free games on any supported platforms for which they are available
• Automatically update your games and receive the latest news on downloadable content (DLC)
• Schedule tournaments and co-op play with your friends and others in the Steam community.

Steam Login

Steam Login Page