South University Student Login Page

Enrolled students are to use the South University Student login page at the website for web portal access and classes online.

New students will need to register first and enroll in their university courses at the registrars office or over the web.

All others may proceed to the portal at and complete the user name and password fields with their South University Student login information.

After completing both fields, attempt to log in and authenticate to the portal. Problems authenticated could mean that your user name and/or password is incorrect or not working. Try again or use the online tool for assistance at and follow the prompts.

Students who prefer phone based support for logins not working may contact technical support at 1-888-444-3404 and have them reset your sign in. The student services division handles other areas of your educational journey with the university.

Depending on your level of credentials, a South University Student login may grant access to the online campus bookstores for purchasing books or testing for academic programs like the SAT or ACT exams.

Orientation and questions about the login portal are answered in the official frequently asked questions. You will find these below in the resources.

Counseling and disability services are for eligible students that meet the outlined requirements. The same goes for career placement and financial aid programs. All four of these are explained in your account after you sign in.

Not to be excluded, the alumni network continues the connection to beyond a graduation date. The alumni portal keeps graduates connected to campus and with fellow classmates for years to come. Do note that alumni have a different South University Student login assigned at membership than what they had as enrolled students.

South University Student Login