Socrative Login Page

Two Socrative login pages exist on and it will depend on if you are a student or a teacher to which one you should select for account access.

Learning engagement makes assessing students online an easier task through personalized content and instant feedback from them.

Start a new session with your Socrative login at if you are a student and at if you are a teacher.

Students, you should enter your teacher’s room code to join a room and begin responding to your tasks on MasteryConnect.

Teachers, you must enter your email address and password to sign in on the Socrative system and setup your tasks.

If you experience problems with your login not working, please use the support form found at the bottom of this page and request help.

The login pages are not interchangeable and must be used according to the directions outlined already or your log on will not work. The only actual session that requires a Socrative login is the teacher page; Students only are required to have a room code, not a email address or password.

Four sections are focused once you have logged on to the website. Instant feedback, personalized content, reports, and compatibility.

Instant feedback is used to see real time student results, personalized content is for designed assessments for school use, reports is to generate actionable information in decision making, and compatibility ensures that you can engage students across any kind of device or web browser they are using.

Data gathering through these assessments helps target while student learning is most critical and where intervention may need to occur online when outside of the classroom.

Resource pins, grading tools, and reports are found inside the dashboard area. For any questions on these topics, post your questions in the learning community network.

With a Socrative login you will have access to common curriculum types of rubric and multiple choice feedback forms. A mastery tracker is available for teachers who want to analyze core standards and monitor learning performance.

Socrative Login

Socrative Login Page