Securitas ePay Login Page

ePayroll and Employees use the Securitas ePay login page for Talx, W2, contact number, stubs, and paperless pay from the new system at

It is important to note that this new system has taken the place of the older version is now maintained by Equifax Workforce Solutions.

Change the old website of to the new Securitas ePay login at where you will be prompted for your information.

The system is managed by Securitas Security Services USA, Inc and is ran by Equifax for all accounts hosted by TALX Corporation. Once registered you can manage employee payroll information from it.

If you have problems logging in or have lost your sign on credentials, please contact your employer representative. Your representative is usually a contact within Human Resources at the company you work for. There is no further assistance online.

The following default users requirements will need to be met before attempting to login from your computer: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 or higher, Google Chrome 2.0 or higher, JavaScript enabled, Monitor Settings of 1024 x 768 or higher, and Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher.

TALX Workforce Solutions has a video demonstration of the changes that have been put in place with the Securitas ePay login process. Please see the resources below for more information.

Do not choose to remember your device when you log on from a public workstation. By doing so you will pose a lower security risk to your account and reduce the chances of challenge phrase response presentations.

After entering your employer code at the beginning you will be redirected the proper section of the website portal. Processing monthly salary periods will continue to operate in a safeguard due to electronic batches.

Employers upload information on employees ahead of payroll processing for W2 and Paperless Pay periods. This is why some of your information is already visible once you use the Securitas ePay login page.

Securitas ePay Login

Securitas ePay Login Page