Schoology Login Page

The Schoology login page is pulled from to manage your OCS Student or Parent account online with digital learning classes and class learning.

You need an account to access the login to Schoology on the web. Schoology offers account options for instructors, students, and parents.

Before beginning the account creation process, you will need to select one of the above account levels. Schoology is an all-in-one platform for educators, parents, and students to coordinates a pupil’s studies using online services that integrate academic assignments and instruction with the student’s performance and scholastic goals.

It is a content management system (or learning management system as some know it by) that helps institutions and instructors to tailor lesson plans and instruction to individuals or large groups and provides different levels of access so that both students, parents, and teachers can participate in the process.

Schoology prides itself on ease of use and integration with a range of devices and boasts that institutions, teachers, students, and parents love the simplified interface and ease-of-use their custom LMS offers.

The service offers instructional tools, apps for communication and collaboration, a fully-featured mobile app, data, analytics, and personalized learning interface, interoperability between services, features, and users, and robust assessment management.

Schoology’s platform allows instructors to combine informed instruction with assessment management, optimizing the instructional process for students, instructors, and parents.

The Schoology login on LMS also allows instructors within the same institution to collaborate and coordinate lesson plans through an online interface.

Instructors can integrate online discussion forums between students and classes, creating a discussion space outside of the classroom for further enrichment with students and parents.

And on a district level, the Schoology login offers even more robust features and collaboration opportunities.

Not only are educators connected with their local network and district, but they are also connected to users of Schoology’s platform – worldwide. Through forums and instructional hubs, teachers from around the world can discuss methodology and progress in real-time forums based on the Schoology platform.

In addition, the service will seamlessly integrate with current features your institution already uses and will amplify their utility in the educational process.

Pursuing a hassle-free process means that Schoology’s app is available for all major platforms, including Amazon’s Kindle tablet, offering one of the industry’s widest-ranges of integration.

All of this integration provides users with mounds of actionable data – and ways to cut through the clutter by using the efficiently and intuitively designed interface.

To provide institutions, instructors, parents, and students with these features at an uninterrupted pace, Schoology employs a large support team to insure that the platform is always there when it is needed.

Getting Started With Your Schoology Login

Users can create a free account for their first Schoology login here:

Institutions can sign up for an account here by requesting a demo at this link:

Institutional users can also call 1-800-749-2590 to have a full account demo or begin the sign up process. Users at all levels can sign up for an account for their first Schoology sign in here:

Once you have an account, you can access your account using your Schoology login here: Users will have to provide their email or username and the account password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can select the “Forgot Password?” option or click here:

Schoology Login

Schoology Login Page