ReviewSnap Login Page

The ReviewSnap login page on is the employee cloud-based performance management software for performance appraisals and 360 degree feedback.

Servicing offers an integrated suite of talent management solutions spanning performance reviews, and compensation management over a user-friendly, flexible and cost effective web-based manager.

Begin at with your ReviewSnap login credentials over the secured website connection. Authentication over a trusted network is recommended.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password to proceed to an employee account where information and settings can be updated. Your login will work on the website or the app for mobile devices.

If you experience problems with your login at this point or can not sign in to the ReviewSnap system, please contact support at 1-800-516-5849 for help with the performance management system online.

Everything will be done through your web browser by using your ReviewSnap login. There will be software installation or downloads from the web.

Employees once in their account find a flexible and online solution from their employer. Many employers are now moving to this web-based performance management system called to facilitate staff planning and appraisal.

Managers have a different role once logged in. Managers can find more options in their account once employees have entered their summary based on the performance conversation that was had.

Supervisors and their direct reports will work within the system on a scheduled basis. Demos, case studies, and screenshots will be shown to assist with the process.

Creating a sustainable organization through the use of performance reviews is a highly recommended form of appraisals. How unique a business or organization’s structure is has no weight on using the system online.

Create or Complete a Review are the settings you will want to find once in with your ReviewSnap login to access your performance reviews. Select the appropriate conversation period that you need to finish.

ReviewSnap Login

ReviewSnap Login Page