Prezi Login Page

The Prezi login page is for and loads the online presentation software account to make you a better presenter with motion, zoom, and features.

Your audience wants boring slides – said no one ever. Business presentations come to life with free branded themes, templates, and backgrounds.

Start at and sign in with your Prezi login email address and password you set when registering an account at the website.

Prezi also supports both a Facebook log in and LinkedIn professional networking profile as third-party solutions if you do not want a native sign up.

If you have problems with your login not working online, try contacting phone support at 415-398-8012 for help or use the resources below to reset a lost or forgotten password.

Online editing through the web software is the most popular way to build a business presentation, however there are some other ways you can access Prezi with an account.

5 ways to use your Prezi login.

Online Editor

First is the Online Editor. With the editor, you log in to the website and build out what you want to present. From there, access is synced to the other forms. The best part about this feature is that presentations can be loaded from anywhere.

Desktop Software

Software from Prezi can be downloaded to your Windows PC or Mac computer. We recommend the software when the connection of your Internet is slow or faster processing power is needed.

iPad Viewer

Pan, zoom, and present. The iPad viewer is free and includes a touch interface so you can do a presentation on the go. The latest version of your documents will be cloud synced online.

iPhone App

Share and present, or practice if you are not ready. Have Prezi ready to go when you want to work from your phone. Some of the best ideas come up when you are mobile.

Android App

Similar to the iPhone app, the presentation software is built for Android. Travel or vacation and work with your hands to build a remote documents ready for a client.

Not only does automatic syncing come with these different forms of the software, they all support a single Prezi login to keep things simple while trying to work.

Prezi Login