Practice Fusion Login Page

Use the Practice Fusion login page on as a EHR account manager for electronic health records practicing by physicians and staff.

Ranked as a online system that will have you charting in minutes, there is no software to install, no hardware to manage, and no licensing fees by clients.

Start at and enter your Practice Fusion login EHR email address and password to start a new session. These are required fields to authenticate.

The free web-based, live in five, and secure EHR for physician practices modules are hosted by telehealth facilities. Website modules offers software, client logins, contact and company information updates.

Electronically chart patients using Practice Fusion’s EHR and sync automatically with other medical systems that support practicing data entry for staff members.

Support is available for those who can not sign in to the system or have other questions about electronic health record data entry. Contact client support services at 1-415-346-7700 Monday to Friday, from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

Considering the online software is the fastest growing electronic health record platform in the United States used by over 112,000 medical professionals, wait times could exceed 10 minutes during peak calling periods.

Place your orders from the patient chart with a workflow that’s simpler than paper and faster than re-entering data in a traditional labs system. This will provide a learning experience to physician staff.

Connect with your doctor’s office to see clerical health information recorded during a visits, including upcoming appointments and recent lab orders. If you do not have a doctor, book an appointment with one of the verified doctors in the Patient Fusion network.

Your Practice Fusion login offers a web-based EHR that includes a suite of integrated features like charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, and lab testing. Modules covering these topics are found in the resources below.

Practice Fusion Login

Practice Fusion Login Page