PowerSchool Login Page

A Student and Teacher both can use the PowerSchool login page from PowerSchool.com as the official browser-based and cross-platform school management system.

A district in the SIS must be selected in any K-12 educational organization that is using the system for live information in classes.

Go to http://www.powerschool.com/online-demos/ and request a PowerSchool login to one of the demos if your school district is not yet a subscriber. Current students and teachers already enrolled will need to contact their local administrator for the login page.

Some logins are self-hosted by the school and some are remotely hosted by Pearson Education. As a student you can check with your teacher on the official URL to enter. As a teacher you can check with your school IT department for the URL.

A forgotten or lost username or password can be resolved by using the automated reset tool on your school’s portal and not by PowerSchool support. All other inquires for help can be directed to Technical Support in the California headquarters at the 1-877-873-1550 phone number.

With your URL written down from your school contact person or copied from the Parent information sheet you were given at the begin of the academic year launch your preferred web browser. Google Chrome is a good choice for using with your PowerSchool login.

Enter the URL in your web browser and the page will load. Choose a language from the drop down menu that includes English or Spanish. Some other languages may be pre-loaded by your school district.

Once your language is selected enter a username and password in the fields. In most SIS setups a student and parent can use the same PowerSchool version online.

Keep your sign in safe from other students. Your personal student data is stored in the ecosystem and can be accessed by others if you do not log out after using on classroom computers.

Over 13 million students in 71 countries are setup with a PowerSchool login on the Student Information System. Data security is a top priority that you can learn more about in the PowerSource resources below.


PowerSchool Login

PowerSchool Login Page