Pokemon GO Login Page

The Pokemon GO login on SSO.Pokemon.com is used to manage a Trainer Club account, get tips, build teams, find an update or guides, and view a map online.

In general most game players use the mobile app for iOS or Android to access their profile however the website also offers a way to change or adjust settings.

To begin, go to https://sso.pokemon.com/sso/login under your country’s locale and enter your Pokemon GO login information. Your information includes two parts, a user name and a password.

Problems can occur when you try to sign in with the wrong information. Due to the extreme popularity of Pokemon GO there are occasions when the web application is offline. You will not be able to login during these periods.

For all other problems or account issues you can find help online resetting your lost or forgotten Pokemon Go login credentials by using the resources found at the bottom in the resources section.

The Pokemon GO phone number is 1-425-274-4855 when calling within the US. International callers may dial +14155708871 for Niantic Labs game developer support. Peak calling times in the USA are between Tuesday to Saturday, from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM. All times are Central.

Before calling, have your reason and account user name ready for the agent to help process your request. The most popular reasons for calling are:

  1. Accounts being reset to Level 1 status.
  2. Forgotten email address.
  3. Progress resetting after an update.
  4. Transferring accounts.

If you have already tried resetting your password or sending for a password reminder, there is a chance you are not setup in the Trainer Club game.

Registering for a Pokémon Trainer Club account enables you to manage your profile and interact with others on the Global Link.

You can also play the Trading Card game online, find out if servers are down, view the calculator, and battle with a nickname. These features and other options are available after signing in with your Pokemon GO login to the web.


Pokemon GO Login

Pokemon GO Login Page