POF Login Page

Check your inbox with the POF login page at POF.com and read messages from other singles using the Plenty of Fish online dating service to start a message.

Nearly 90 million members looking for love and new dating opportunities have setup the messaging center on their account to search and chat with potential people searching for the same.

Launch your inbox with your POF login at http://www.pof.com/inbox.aspx by entering your username and password to check for mail from other profiles you have messaged with before. Take the assessment first before sending a new message to find a compatible date.

Problems with the page on POF not working are the result of a wrong username. Pay close attention to the username and password that you are using if you have multiple online dating accounts at other similar websites to Plenty of Fish.

Reset a lost or forgotten password using the information found below in our resources or call for assistance with your POF login at 1-604-692-2542 from Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Hours of service for phone support are between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You will receive a call back after you leave your message.

If you choose to use the online password tool to reset your lost information, instructions will be sent to the email address on file on your account. Check your email for the reset link to proceed.

Before you can sign in to meet or start a conversation from your inbox, a completed profile will need to be setup after registration. A user name search can be performed without using a login to see if a account has been already been setup in your name.

Complete the chemistry test called POFCOP to measure your 5 factors of Easygoing, social dependency, family orientation, self-control, and self-confidence.

To message or chat with them or one of the other members close to you, you will need to sign in to the service.

Without a POF login you can view 3,000,000 users on Plenty of Fish with only a random selection of 4 of the closest users displayed on the registration page.


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