Pennsylvania Unemployment Login Page

Use the Pennsylvania unemployment login page on the website to complete a UI benefit application online or file for a weekly claim.

Department of Labor and Industry operates the claim status portal for initial access and open claims, status, and what point in the process a payment is in.

Start at by entering your Pennsylvania unemployment login credentials if you have not changed your PIN within the last 24 hours.

When problems with your login happen please contact the UCC Claims department in your local Service Center or by calling 1-888-313-7284 toll-free.

Additional resources are found on the bottom of the page to help with recovering your lost sign in ID or PIN if outside of the Service Center office hours.

Service Center operate from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday, with the exceptions of Wednesdays. Pennsylvania Teleclaims, or otherwise known as PAT, is for self serve help using your phone to file claims.

Assistance for problems or questions about logging in to the portal and what is available has been covered by the following topic headings:

Eligibility, information for students, job training, filing for compensation, direct deposit debit cards, pension pay deductions, weekly rates of a benefit payment, appeals, reduced working hours, and federal civilian employees.

Other subjects covered online include work registration and new job search, 1099G tax forms, overpayments, UCP-1 handbooks, contacting the Department of Labor and Industry, reasonable assurance programs, military members, TAA benefits, DUA claims, child support, and how to handle duplicate forms.

A series of steps will need to be completed before you sign in. Covering the topics listed already you should read the UC handbook, find out if you eligible for unemployment, file for benefits, perform a work search, and update your personal information. All of which are subject to approval.

Before a Pennsylvania unemployment login is activate the determination of eligibility to receive unemployment compensation must first be approved.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Login

Pennsylvania Unemployment Login Page