Pandora Login Page

A Pandora login page is for listening to streaming Internet music on a free user account with top radio stations and custom playlists while at home or on the go.

Before registering, a example song from an artist you like by one of the online stations can be played to sample the service.

After registering, access the website at and enter your Pandora login. Your login includes the email address you registered with and a password that you set.

Forgetting your password or loosing it will result in having to contact Pandora support at 1-510-451-4100 and the phone number will refer you back to the automated help system online using the information found in the resources section.

Customer service for sign in assistance or something else not working on the website or in your account is available 7 days a week in both English and Spanish.

Commercial accounts will sign up through Mood Media and your player activation will prompt you for your Pandora login credentials during setup. The option to create a new account will be given while selective favorite Internet music stations. The feature is not available outside of the United States.

Check your web browser if you find that you can not remained logged in to the service and you keep having to enter your sign in. This happens often from cookies or browser history being cleared manually or using a extension that clears your cookies off. Disable or white-list the add-on when using Pandora to keep from having to enter your login every time.

Instead of listening to music online by streaming it in your desktop browser or mobile app and you prefer to submit your own music to Pandora Internet Radio, you will need to create an account.

A successful submission of your music to the service for review will be noted by an automated message received to your email address while waiting on approval or rejection.

You will need to maintain an active subscription or log in every 90 days or less to reduce the risk of your Pandora login from being disabled and purged from the system.

Pandora Login

Pandora Login Page