Oklahoma Unemployment Login Page

Use the Oklahoma unemployment login page at the Unemployment.State.OK.us website online filing system provided by the Employment Security Commission to file.

The portal is only compatible with Internet Explorer. Other web browsers and mobile formatted usage may result in an incomplete claim or other problems.

Start a new session at https://unemployment.state.ok.us/ with your Oklahoma unemployment login credentials and select one of five initial options in the account.

You can file your unemployment claim for initial claims, file a weekly claim, inquire on existing ones, submit a OES-622 work search form, or apply for re-employment assistance.

If you experience problems with your login or unable to sign-in to the OKC website for other reasons call 1-800-555-1554 to speak with an agent and receive assistance.

Other resources are found below to assist you with resetting a lost PIN and filing a claim online on the OESC.

You may not submit a claim for benefits if in the last 18 moths you had a need to file a TRB (Trade Readjustment Benefits) or your last employer was based in Canada. For more information about these changes please contact your local OESC office.

During portal use interactive help is shown over question fields on monitor resolutions of a minimum of 800×600. Instructions to file a claim are presented during this time.

Have your contact information, phone number, names and contact information for employers in the last 18 months ready. You may also be prompted for DD214, SF-8, and SF-50 documentation if you have worked out of state, for the federal government, or the military during the same time period.

Incomplete claims can be updated after 72 hours. Failure to do so will cause a loss of benefits and a new application or form 752 will need to be submitted for processing.

Filling out form 752 for Attendance and Progress in Training does not require your Oklahoma unemployment login to access.


Oklahoma Unemployment Login

Oklahoma Unemployment Login Page