Ohio Unemployment Login Page

The Ohio unemployment login page on Unemployment.CMT.Ohio.gov is operated by the Department of Job and Family Services for online claims and benefits.

ODJFS actively helps workers and claimants file applications in order to collect a insurance benefit through the CMT website portal.

Begin at https://unemployment.cmt.ohio.gov/cmtview/loginc.jsp with your claimant Ohio unemployment login and PIN to access the system online.

If you are not registered for service within the system you must first register a new account to file an application.

Help is available at 1-877-644-6562 for problems signing in to the website or payment information. Additional support is found below in the login resources section.

By registering online for an account sign in you will have a faster response time to questions, reduce mail cost and time sending applications, file continued weeks, track the status of a claim, and have extended business hours outside of the call center.

When filing claims expect the process to take 30 minutes to complete after registering and 24 hours to complete. After 12 months since your last file you will need to submit a new unemployment application for benefits.

A confirmation number will be sent you once your application is received and approved. To read the confirmation you can log in with your Ohio unemployment login on the page.

To prepare for login registration you should have your contact information, email address, employment history for the last 6 weeks, and the reason you became unemployed ready to be entered.

Once submitted you can reopen an existing claims, update your information, view messages from ODJFS representatives, file an appeal, and file a weekly claim for benefits.

Note that it can take up to 4 weeks from the time you register for an Ohio unemployment login and file your claim after registering before the first benefit insurance payment is received by bank direct deposit.


Ohio Unemployment Login

Ohio Unemployment Login Page