Office Ally Login Page

EHR, PM, and Practice Mate users have a secure Office Ally login that works at the website and health information network online records.

Electronic health records are accessed on the system and must be approved before claims can start to be processed.

To start a session in your web browser, go to and enter your Office Ally login username and password. Tools are available if you forget your password or should it need to be reset. You will find the tools listed on the sign in page.

Before logging in you will see a payer list and downloadable forms that do not require a login to access. This is helpful for users that are in search of quick information for patients. Other inquires can be addressed by phone to 1-360-314-2184 and speaking with an agent.

Before being issued a Office Ally login you will have to submit a completed enrollment form, Provider Authorization Signature page, and Business Associate agreement. Once these documents are signed and sent back to an enrollment specialist will contact you.

Practice management software packages will interface on Practice Mate. Internet access and your web browser is all that is required to use the feature. The HIPAA compliant ANSI 837 format is accepted software. Health claims by a physician office are converted to a HIPAA compliant format before being sent to the insurance company.

Medical billing software is not required, as Practice mate is a free web based practice management system. Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Government claims for Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross / Blue Shield for certain states may encounter a additional fee for processing.

EHR 24/7, or Electronic Health Records, is a web based patient record recording system. Reducing paperwork and helping medical offices process their information faster through real time account access.

Filing electronic claims through PM has a extra module for Reminder Mate, used to remind patients about appointments. To use this feature you will be required to have your Office Ally login ready and access your online account.

Office Ally Login

Office Ally Login Page