NRMP Login Page

The National Resident Matching Program uses the NRMP login page at to place applicants for postgraduate medical training positions in the US.

Also called The Match, the entire program manages students in teaching hospitals and assists with placing medical training positions into residency programs throughout the United States.

Start at with a username and password if you are a registered applicant or staff member from an approved Institution, Hospital, Program, or School.

Problems with your NRMP login are resolved by calling support toll-free at 1=866-653-6767 or by using the online assistance found on the website and in the resource section below. The resources will assist you with resetting a lost or forgotten password.

Discussion of Electronic Residency Application Service and the NRMP Match have users of the program wondering how the matching system works. The system is the bridge between medical school and residency locations. It is uniquely qualified to bring together undergraduate placements.

Before being selecting and setting up a NRMP login, you will be interviewed with residency programs and have a chance to reflect on those experiences. After completion it will be time to take your list of possible training programs and rank them for the National Resident Matching Program.

If you choose to submit your rankings of programs for the Main Residency Match only, and not for the AOA Match, then you must withdraw yourself online because most specialties offer the majority of their residency positions.

Most GME programs select new applicants by The Match. Using two national services, ERAS and NRMP, for the application and matching process. There are a selection of online tools that can be used to calculate your chances of matching into your desired specialty based upon published data.

The Match Program Rating and Interview Scheduling Manager, or The Match PRISM as known for short, is a free tool that can be downloaded. It helps applicants to track programs during the interview process and create program ratings without setting up a NRMP login on the website.

NRMP Login

NRMP Login Page