Newsela Login Page

The Newsela login page on is used to sign in to the nonfiction literacy and current events account for students and others to access articles.

With unlimited stories that are Common Core aligned with quizzes for education, the service is available at school or from home.

Before sorting news articles by grade level, go to and enter your Newsela login information to authenticate online.

Logins include a email address as your username or a custom username that you have setup during registration. A password field is the second part to complete unless you have forgot either of these.

A forgotten username or password to Newsela can be reset by using the resources found at the bottom of this page for help. If you do not want to register for a account the alternative is to sign in with Google authorization.

Sign up codes are required for students before they can register. These sign up codes are obtained from a parent or teacher who has been given the code prior to the student receiving online access to quizzes.

Categories covered by the news and built around a quiz for a student to take may contain one of the following subjects on current events in the world:

  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Health
  • Law / Legal
  • Money
  • Science
  • War and Peace

Article reading levels are set at 5. The 5 levels are mapped to the reading level of the student after logging in. As every reader is not at the same level, this feature will ensure students have been equipped properly for their learning style.

Reading comprehension will improve student performance in Common Core aligned programs by keeping updated with daily news as it happens. Engaging students with a Newsela login during class time assists with this.

Newsela Login

Newsela Login Page