New Mexico Unemployment Login Page

Use the New Mexico unemployment login page at to file an online claim if you are registered with the Department of Workforce Solutions.

Workforce Connection requires that you register with in the system to apply and certify for weekly benefit collection while searching for a job.

Go to UI Online at and enter your ID and password. Hours of availability are from 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday to Friday in New Mexico.

Call the NMDWS phone number for help with not being able to sign in outside of these hours at 1-877-664-6984 or use the resources at the bottom of the website for assistance.

Certain eligibility requirements must first be met before applying for UI benefits. The amount of money earned in a base period is determined by the date of a claim.

You must actively seek employment and the reason of job separation from a previous employer must be considered a non-disqualifying reason.

If you have not registered for service to receive a New Mexico unemployment login you will need to enroll as one of these account types: Individual, Employer, Analyst, or Provider.

Individual accounts are residents of the state who are no longer employed and are wanting to search for a job or apply for unemployment insurance benefits.

Employers are for companies and business owners that want to view labor market news and graphs, post job listings, or search for new hires.

Analyst accounts are members of the economic development field that are processing data in specific geographic regions.

Providers are training or education contacts who want to setup classes in the UI jobs system with schedules and locations.

To access the assigned rights once registered and logged in as one of these roles, enter your New Mexico unemployment login and update your information online. Save your progress as you go at the bottom of the screen.

New Mexico Unemployment Login

New Mexico Unemployment Login Page