New Jersey Unemployment Login Page

The New Jersey unemployment login page on the website is provided for filing a claim online of insurance benefits due to a job loss.

In the state of NJ, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development handles a new claim or management of existing claims already in progress.

Begin as a claimant at in the AOSOS system. AOSOS is America’s One Stop Operating System and you will be prompted for a user ID and password to gain access your online account.

Once logged in to the UI benefits portal you may file a claim, file or update direct deposit information, update your contact details, download a 1099-G for tax filing, or receive an update on your claim inquiry.

First time users must first register for a New Jersey unemployment login before attempting to file a claim online. Resources are at the bottom of this page for help with registration or resetting a lost or forgotten password.

During the business hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Eastern Time, eligible residents can call their local NJLWD office representative for assistance with account related questions. The phone number is 1-888-795-6672 to apply.

Applications are also accepted by phone for residents who do not have computer access or with limited abilities. Any session that is idle after signing in for 30 minutes or more will be automatically timed out. Please try to login again before contacting an agent.

There will be three roles where a sign in will be issued. Claimant, Employer, or Employer Agent.

Claimants are for residents who have recently lost their job and are attempting to file for unemployment benefits.

Employers are businesses in the state of New Jersey who are attempting to pay in funds as required.

Employer Agents are for those acting on official behalf of an Employer and plan to conduct or update information for them.

The same page on the Department of Labor’s website is used by all three types of online accounts with an active New Jersey unemployment login.

New Jersey Unemployment Login

New Jersey Unemployment Login Page