New Hampshire Unemployment Login Page

The New Hampshire unemployment login page at is for claiming benefits online by employees in the state that have registered for access.

Using the NHUIS system for claims requires a completed application with information and approval by the Department of Employment Security.

Claimants begin at by entering a user name twice and a password to be authenticated during the hours of availability.

If you are unable to login and your problem persists after a few hours try calling the New Hampshire ESO at phone number 1-800-266-2252 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Attempts outside of these hours can try the resources listed at the bottom of the page for resetting a lost or forgotten password. Updates to the system are performed outside of normal business hours.

Accounts are locked after 3 wrong attempts after entering a password. Use the forgot password tool to reset a locked account.

Once logged in with your New Hampshire unemployment login you can submit a claim online. All claims are processed in the order they are received. Applications will also be reviewed for completed fields and contact information.

Please allow up to four weeks before inquiring about a submitted claim. During periods of heavy applications it can take this amount of time for a claim to be reviewed for eligibility.

Payments are not issued unless a claim application for benefits is filed in a timely manner. Follow all the instructions in the Claim Instruction Sheet when applying.

Benefits will be issued for the calendar week that an application is received. Exceptions will be made for those employees that are working less than full time and complete an application within 3 days of the applicants last day of work.

NHES is a member of America’s Workforce Network and NH Works. Changing your contact information or employment records will require your New Hampshire unemployment login profile to be updated.

New Hampshire Unemployment Login

New Hampshire Unemployment Login Page