NetSpend Login Page

Use the NetSpend login page to manage your account online at if you have a prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit card activated with a balance.

After registration purchases are tracked with up to the minute bill payment activity on the Account Center for all customers.

Go to with your NetSpend login username and password to gain access to the system and complete other requests that require you to log on.

You will find resources at the bottom of this page to retrieve a lost password or username that you have forgot. Call 1-866-930-9924 and schedule a call back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more help with your login.

A login is not required to reload your prepaid debit card. As a alternative to the sign in process, find a reload center near you. Reload centers carry on average of a $3.95 fee are found at gas stations, convenience stores, and shopping centers.

Through a partnership of MasterCard, Visa, The Bancorp Bank, MetaBank, Republic Bank and Trust, and Bofl Federal Bank, NetSpend is able to offer debit cards to customers in a prepaid format.

There are no credit checks and approval is guaranteed. Many customers choose to accept or send payments online within 2 days. No minimum balance is necessary and a variety of financial solutions make the online service work with your NetSpend login.

Direct Deposit to prepaid debit cards is the preferred way of having an account setup. Payments are automatically added to your card from government agencies or employers. Access to money is faster and you can begin to make purchases once the money is on your account.

Rewards and transactions are recorded every day in your account. The latest purchased you have made will show up at the top of the transaction page after you log on.

If you participate in the Payback Rewards program or the checking loading by phone, you must enter your NetSpend login to update your account.

NetSpend Login

NetSpend Login Page