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Use the Nelnet login page at to make a student loan payment online towards your entire account balance before or on the day your bill is due.

Nothing can be more daunting for a student borrower or more frustrating than managing the aftermath of a college education – the massive loans that can be occurred.

In the growing market for student loan servicing companies, the Nelnet login stands out for its suite of services tailored for borrowers and co-signers.

Nelnet’s corporate goal has been to make the process of paying off, obtaining, and managing student loans easier.

Towards this end, has developed an extensive network of services that can help its clients achieve their financial goals.

The Neltnet login allows account holders to access their Nelnet services from anywhere around the globe. The process behind the Nelnet sign in is easy and only requires an existing Nelnet account.

Nelnet is the student loan service provider and their website is where loans are re-payed. Nelnet has made paying back student loans easy and as painfree as they can judging by their website servicing layout.

Services include the processing of your monthly student loan payments, finding lower payment options, and guiding borrowers and co-signers through the different stages of holding and repaying a student loan debt.

You will have a variety of methods for making a student loan payment. Additionally, the Nelnet login offers services for borrowers and co-signers that are struggling to keep their student loan payments current.

In total, Nelnet offers services for current and prospective students, their parents, borrowers out of school, and veterans among many more services tailored to individual student borrower needs.

When you sign in to, it makes it easier for borrowers by consolidating all outstanding student loans in one central hub, making loan management efficient and offering integration with a robust mobile app that allows users to make payments.

After you login, update your account information, register for electronic statements and text messages, as well as check on the status of their loan deferments and forbearances.

Before beginning to use Nelnet’s services, borrowers will need an account. You can register for an account with Nelnet here:

Users will need to provide Nelnet the following information:

• Social security number
• Username
• Date of birth
• Password
• Email address

Once an account is created, users can begin the Nelnet login at this link:

Users will need to indicate whether the account is that of a registered payer or of a borrower before being allowed to start the Nelnet sign in process.

Also if users have forgotten their Nelnet login credentials, there is an option on this page ( to reset and retrieve that information through the email tied to the Nelnet account.

Customer service support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with the different time zones or emergency situations.

If account holders encounter any problems in the Nelnet login, account holders can contact Nelnet by phone at: 1.888.486.4722 or email (

If you still need further assistance, the complete listing of contact information for Nelnet can be found here:

Nelnet Login

Nelnet Login Page