NCSA Login Page

Student athletes use the NCSA login page on to enter the National Collegiate Client Recruiting Management System online.

As a leader in the college recruitment system, high school athletes are educated through an extensive sports network by having an account.

Go to and enter in the website with your NCSA login information, or sign in with a Facebook or Twitter profile.

If you have registered before and forgotten or lost your login password, use the resources found at the bottom of this page for help or call the National Collegiate Scouting Association Athletic support department at the 1-888-333-6846 phone number.

With over 450 college sports recruiting specialists, athletes, students and coaches can find the support they need after signing in.

Once your NCSA login is working you will need to complete a list of actions required to complete your application. Before going any further take time to read the following plan.

Develop your plan to be evaluated.

Scholarships come easier when working with the NCSA to build your case. Coaches at the top colleges want as much information as possible on recruits for their team. Set realistic goals and provide accurate answers in your profile.

Promote both your athletic and academic credentials.

It is tempting to focus only on how good you are at sports. Before jumping in and registering a NCSA login, list out your class grades and non-sport organizations to round out your whole online profile.

Make a video to showcase skills.

YouTube and DVDs are great but the time of college recruiters are limited and in demand. To stand out over the competition showcase your skills in a video using game footage. Talk about what sets you apart to catch an eye.

Have what it takes to go all the way.

Going to college on a scholarship goes beyond four years. It lasts a lifetime if you choose to make a career from it.

Talk with your peers about what your ideas and dreams are before you setup an account using your NCSA login. Your heart and soul needs to go in to building your profile.

NCSA Login