Naviance Student Login Page

The official Naviance Student login page is hosted at and is for both students and Families to sign in using their postal code.

Family Connection is a planning portal that can be customized for students and families with assessments, goal-setting, and college research tools online.

To find the Naviance Student login page that applies to you, load in your web browser and access career readiness solutions in the account.

Searching for a school in Naviance only takes entering the school’s zip code. Once a zip code is entered and searched a login page asking for a Student ID number and PSN password will be shown.

Modules in Family Connection are Self Discovery, Career Exploration, College Prep, Academic Planning, Student Portal, Roadtrip Nation, StrengthsExplorer, and the Marketplace.

The customizable portal for planning includes a login for Naviance Student online for family members to see a pupils progress. More about individual learning plans and exploration resources for careers.

Surveys and emails from the portal gives counselors at school and the system administrators a communication tool to increase engagement and track individual interactions through targeted a email message.

Mobile apps work on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a Naviance Student login to stay organized during class time.

Complete engagement packages are available to parents and guardians inside of the Family Connection system to assist with planning out what steps will come after college for the student.

At any point while using your Naviance Student login on the website, take full advantage of the self discovery assessment so that as you are learning, your skills will be matched to the right college and career.

Naviance Student Login

Naviance Student Login Page