MySchoolBucks Login Page

You can access the MySchoolBucks login page on to manage your School Bucks account online, get a refund, find fee amounts, and more.

Remember the days of a punch card lunch ticket system, or even the more advanced (though rarely seen) electronic transfer card while going through the checkout in the school cafeteria?

Those might be processes of the past thanks to the new MySchoolBucks login which aims to consolidate all of your student educational expenses into one convenient, easy-to-access location that is web and app-based.

MySchoolBucks makes the payments process for school expenses easier than ever before and allows parents access to account information online and on an app available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

Your MySchoolBucks login allows parents to check cafeteria balances and purchases, receive low balance alerts, set up automatic payments to an account, and pay for related school items using the MySchoolBucks app.

Note: Your institution must participate in MySchoolBucks in order to use the service. One the page following the account creation page, you will have the ability to search for educational institutions by state.

To complete the MySchoolBucks login, you will need an account. Here is how to set one up.

If you do not have an account with MySchoolBucks, you can create one at the following URL:

Once you have located your school, select it, and fill in the following information: First Name, Last Name, email address (twice), create a customized password for your MySchoolBucks account, set up answers to two security questions to secure your account’s access, and the click on the button creating your account.

Creation of a MySchoolBucks account requires agreement with the service terms and conditions. Be sure to read these prior to creating your account as these terms may contain important information concerning your relationship and your educational institution’s relationship with MySchoolBucks.

Once you have created a account, you can begin the MySchoolBucks login at the following URL:

Here the user will be prompted to enter the username and password created during the account creation process. Additionally, you can select “Remember Me” to speed up the sign in to School Bucks online for future use. “Remember Me” tells the servers that you are a repeat user. This will make the MySchoolBucks sign in process quicker and smoother in the future, allowing you easier access to your account.

If you have forgotten your username or password for your MySchoolBucks login, you can begin the account recovery process at the following URL: Note that you will have to begin the account recovery process through either the phone number or email attached to the account at the time of account creation.

Users can enter either the email address or the mobile telephone number associated with their MySchoolBucks sign in to begin the recovery process. A secure MySchoolBucks login code will be sent to the specified destination allowing the user to begin the process of account recovery.

Once a user has recovered their login credentials to MySchoolBucks, they can proceed to login and access any information and services stored online.

MySchoolBucks Login

MySchoolBucks Login Page