MyPay Login Page

The MyPay login page on is managed by Defense Finance and Accounting Services for military personnel and family member payroll benefits.

DFAS agency is part of the United States Department of Defense and provides finance and accounting services for the civil and military members.

Begin at and enter a MyPay Login ID and password if you are a registered member. It will start a new session each time. A SmartCard login is also available to use if you have one.

User IDs are meant to give you access to your pay information and tax statements. Handle this information carefully and be careful with whom you share it with. It is advised to periodically change your password every 60 days for security reasons.

Payments for most services are rendered through the MyPay login page. DFAS pays Department of Defense military and civilian personnel, retirees, annuitants, and all major DoD contractors and vendors through the system.

Once logged in to your account, you can get a detailed explanation of your leave and earnings statement for both DoD civilian employees and DoDEA employees.

There are certain times when your logon will not work and access will be down. The following times are in military time stamps: From 0000 to 0100 ET daily, Monday – Friday your MyPay login will be unavailable.

From 1200 to 1700 ET every Sunday, Travel Advice of Payment will be unavailable and from 0400 to 1900 ET every fourth Sunday of the month, Travel Advice of Payment is unavailable.

Any other special notices of availability of the system will be noted on the bottom of the website. Hours and days will be shown.

You will need to allow sufficient time for your account to be populated in the service if you account was created recently. MyPay logins are established on the 3rd and the 13th of each month. DFAS and eternal resources are shown below for more assistance.

MyPay Login

MyPay Login Page