My Omniture Login Page

SiteCatalyst subscribers use the My Omniture login page to access the website at for Adobe Marketing Cloud reports and analytics online.

There is a standard and a single sign on for the newest business application version using digital marketing and data management.

By default, the standard login is enabled on the page at and requires your company name, username, password, and version level to be entered before authentication.

A password that is forgot can be reset with the online service. All other information that if lost or forgotten will have to be retrieved from your local Adobe business representative or call 1-877-722-7088 for help.

Update any references that you have saved as the My Omniture login to the new name of Adobe Marketing Cloud when referring to the service with technical support. Omniture became part of Adobe prior to the launch of the new service access.

Single sing on only requires your official company name and username unlike the standard log on page.

All data and content from older accounts are migrating over to the new reporting and analytics interface for customers. Newer customers will only be accustomed to the Marketing Cloud name and account view.

Inside your account you will find 8 modules that are activated with your My Omniture login page. Target, Social, Primetime, Media Optimizer, Experience Manager, Campaign, Audience Manager, and Analytics.

Target is a solution for personalizing online experiences on your website or digital marketing for customers.

Social is for social media management and customer relationship building that align with business and revenue goals.

Primetime is for multiscreen TV broadcasting online or over cable and satellite networks of rich media.

Media Optimizer helps with advertising forecasts and carrying out ad media purchases from exchanges.

Experience Manager is a CMS for website building and mobile apps. The content management system quickly scales and builds a web presence.

Campaign is for native delivery and performance monitoring of advertising campaigns online or offline.

Audience Manager is for tailoring content to various customer profiles on your digital channels and segmenting data.

Analytics is for measuring and reporting data from collection sets of websites, apps, or other digital formats.

Not every My Omniture login will have these features enabled and may require a broader subscription before being able to use. Please see our resources below for more information.

My Omniture Login

My Omniture Login Page