Musically Login Page

The Musically login page on has 3 ways to sign in to your account online and start uploading or watching music videos on the social network.

Those 3 ways include a traditional website log on, an Android App on Google Play, and a iTunes App from Apple’s App Store. How you plan to use your login will be the deciding factor on which way you will want to sign on.

Most of you will go to the Musically login from the web at and enter your email address, password, and security code. The security code will change every time you visit the log in page.

The other two ways to sign in to is by downloading and installing the proper app software on your phone or tablet. How to do this and where to download the app for your device is below in the resource section.

Once you are in, you will find yourself on the world’s largest creative platform. The platform makes it super easy for everyone to make awesome videos and share with others. Inspiring artists and musicians all benefit from the service.

If you are a regular on Musically, you are often called a Muser. “Musers” are able to save their favorite songs to a custom playlist in addition to listening to other curated playlists online.

Lip singing is one of the most popular things to do after logging in. Load your music account for a fun lip-sync, where you can can mime and dance to music that you choose from within the app or create your own music instead.

Millions of people visit as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. A Musically login is required to be entered for most of those activities. Registering your own is advised instead of sharing an account to make the experience your own.

There is also an Amazon app, though it works for Android devices too. You’ll find a link to this app download along with the other Musically login links here.

Musically Login