Montana Unemployment Login Page

The Montana unemployment login page on the state website is used to file a claim online by persons that are no longer employed at a job and need assistance.

Department of Labor and Industry’s UI division assists claimants, agencies, and employers with resources on the full service portal.

Begin at and select access as either a claimant or employer for a prompt to enter your Montana unemployment login on the system.

UI4U is the name of the system that allows registered visitors to file a UI claim, reactivate a dormant claim, file a payment, or setup direct deposit of benefits to a checking or savings account.

A series of questions must be completed during the initial filing process. This area is found in the Claims Processing Center where you file your claim.

If you have problems with the login process or using one of these features, you may call the Montana Department of Labor and Industry at 1-406-444-2545 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. These hours are in effect from Monday to Friday except on national holidays.

Overpayments on claims can also be paid at collections by phone at 1-406-444-3783 with a credit or debit card. Additional help is found at the bottom of this page in the resources section for filing or resetting a lost password.

Insurance program participants will be prompted for a SSN and DOB (Date of Birth) when getting started during the authentication process. During this phase your account claim will be checked for eligibility online.

SSN information that does not match what is on file will first need to be cleared with the Federal SS Administration.Once any issues with your SSN are cleared you can register for a sign in to the website by establishing a PIN.

After logging in to UI4U the other benefits available to you are reviewing your claim information, printing a tax form 1099-G, changing a mailing address or phone number, and resetting your PIN.

Employers will have different options appear to report wages and employee hours. A FEIN can be manually entered from the account.

Please keep all information regarding your PIN and Montana unemployment login credentials safe and to yourself. Do not share with anyone to protect your account online.

Montana Unemployment Login

Montana Unemployment Login Page