MobyMax Login Page

Use the MobyMax login page at for homeschool and K-8 school curriculum with access for students, teachers, parents, and class administrators.

The personalized learning account includes Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Language, and Writing skills services with a school assigned email address.

Go to and select your MobyMax login type from the list as a student, teacher, parent, school administrator, or district administrator.

Find your school before logging in or you can enter your school code. Choose the sign in box on the official website to make the login extra secure after completing all informational fields.

Once all fields are completed and school selected you will be given a username and password field to fill in with your MobyMax credentials.

If you have lost this information please contact your representative to have it reset. Students will contact their teacher, teachers will contact their school administrator, and school administrators will contact their district admin. District admins can call 1-888-793-8331 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time for help.

Android students can download the app from Google Play using the resources below. There is not an app for iPhone. You will need to use the mobile Web Clip.

To install Web Clip on your iPhone launch the Safari web browser and load the MobyMax login page. Choose to add a bookmark to your home screen. This completes all steps necessary on your mobile.

Your account will have the following modules for homeschool and the K-8 curriculum: Math, Facts, Number Sense, Reading, Languages, Literature Skills, Vocabulary, Writing, Science, and state test prepping.

Power tools available are Messaging, Behavior Vibes, Time Reports, Short Answers, Worksheets, Parent Portal Alerts, Social Wall, and a Library.

All tools and learn materials are built around the Common Core curriculum from the US Department of Education. Progress monitoring is completed to meet Common Core standards and tracking how every student is doing online.

To update parental statuses and diagnostic tests, use your MobyMax login to find and fix missing learning skills in assessments or games that are delivered. More about this is found in the PDF learning kit below.

MobyMax Login

MobyMax Login Page