Missouri Unemployment Login Page

The Missouri unemployment login page for online claimants at the UI.Labor.MO.gov website is used to file a claim within the state or receiving benefits.

Claims can be certified weekly to continue payments and the system will check for eligibility so it is important to file as soon as your job loss happens.

New, renewal, and weekly requests can use https://www.ui.labor.mo.gov/som/ by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations for UI benefits if a Missouri unemployment login has already been established.

If no login is established yet, any claimant user will need to register for a new account online. Registering for an account immediately after loss of employment is important for several reasons.

It can take up to 22 days before a first payment is received after filing a new claim. Claim renewals have a 10 day processing period and delaying a claim after job loss can result in a lower amount of benefits issued.

Establish your Missouri unemployment login to complete the process. If you experience problems or your sign on is not working after registration, please contact a Regional Claims Center at 1-800-320-2519 for help.

Resources have been placed at the bottom to better assist you with resetting a password that is lost and more information about setting up your login. Regional Claims Centers (RCC) are open Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Missouri.

RCC’s are located in Jefferson City, Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Louis to best serve the state and limit travel time when needed.

Other notices outside of the claim forms include 1099-G tax forms, changes to unemployment benefits, severance pay information, and benefit coverage for military spouses.

Once logged in to your account several general actions are available for you to complete. You may also schedule a job service interview from this point.

Actions included are: 1099 requests, claim status, Access Card balance, updating payment methods, change contact address, and Career Centers times and appointments. Your Missouri unemployment login will be prompted for use if you try accessing these areas.


Missouri Unemployment Login

Missouri Unemployment Login Page