Mississippi Unemployment Login Page

The Mississippi unemployment login page on AccessMS.MDES.MS.gov is online access to the UI benefits and payment system by those affecting from job loss.

MDES is provided by the Department of Employment Security in the state for claimants who need financial assistance or are looking for a job.

Weekly claims will require your Mississippi unemployment login to be entered at https://accessms.mdes.ms.gov/accessms/enter.do before filing online.

Problems with a sign in not working can be directed to 1-888-844-3577 if you have worked and earned a wage in Mississippi and qualify for insurance benefits.

Resources are also posted for resetting a lost password to your login. You may also consult your local unemployment office closest to the town in which you live for assistance.

OpenAM is the referenced name for the MDES system. Online employment services, claims, and job searching are available once logged in.

After setting yourself up as either an employer or claimant for benefits, a selection of services will be inside your account based on the type chosen.

Employer’s can create a online tax user ID, file or pay unemployment tax for their employees, register a new business on the website, register third party agents, and complete email verification.

Claimant services have the following options: Create a online user ID, file an application for unemployment insurance, file a weekly certification to maintain payments, view correspondence within the system from MDES agents, and email verification completion.

If you are registered already to the system, your account will have access to all of the services listed already in addition to the employment services made available to you as a resident of the state.

Use your Mississippi unemployment login to take full advantage of finding available jobs online, applying for open positions, completing a job search, and qualifying for veteran benefits and additional training where applicable.


Mississippi Unemployment Login